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Our Green Commitment

As a transportation company, we are very much aware of the impact that our vehicle causes in the environment. Despite our vehicle being new and economical, it leaves traces of pollution behind while delivering the services. Our vehicle (Mercedes-Benz Vito) has an Equa CO2 Index of 176g/km – rate D, based on a scale of A (less polluter) – H (most polluter).

For this reason, to minimise our impact in the environment, we are supporting the conservation charity, Tree For Life by setting up a corporate grove. Tree For Life is a charity committed to reforesting the Caledonian Forest. Their vision is of a revitalised wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. Each tree planted, will be a sapling grown from locally collected seed and will be one of a number of species we plant such as alder, aspen, birch, bird cherry, hazel, holly, rowan, Scots pine or willow.

More in Moray Tours and Transport is donating 1 (one) tree to our Tree For Life grove every month. We are inviting you to plant your own tree too and help Tree for Life to keep the Scottish Highlands greener for the future generations to come.

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COVID-19 updates and procedures


Private Tours, Taxis and Private Hire vehicle

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle operators may have put in place new measures to help with physical distancing. You may wish to confirm payment arrangements to avoid, if possible, cash transactions. We recommend before starting your journey you wash or sanitize your hands.


On your journey

You should wear a face-covering* unless you are not required by law.  See further Scottish Government guidance on face-covering and exemptions.

You should also be aware of the surfaces, like door handles, you or others touch.

Be considerate to your driver by taking all your belongings and rubbish when leaving the vehicle.

 * Subject to the latest guidance from the Scottish Government.


Completing your journey

When finishing your journey, you should deposit any of your used tissues or rubbish in bins. We recommend you wash or sanitize your hands (and children’s hands if you are travelling with them) as soon as possible.

The vehicle is cleaned after every trip and is sprayed with an antibacterial disinfectant spray. This includes the door handle, seats, and seat belts. A deep clean is done regularly.


Scotland COVID-19 Advice